Reineckia carnea –

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Reineckia –
There is a sole species of a rhizomatous, evergreen perennial, allied to Ophiopogon, in this genus. It occurs in deciduous woodlands or sandy, open areas among shrubs in China and Japan. It is grown for its arching, pale green leaves and spikes of tiny, fragrant pink flowers. R. carnea makes an attractive, leafy groundcover, but rarely bears its scented flowers, although it freely bears its spherical red berries in areas with cool summers.
Grow in moist but well drained, humus rich, neutral or acidic soil in partial shade.
Prone to snails and slugs.

R. carnea – This evergreen, rhizomatous perennial from China and Japan grows 8″ tall and 16″ wide. It produces tufts of arching, linear-lance shaped, glossy, mid to dark green leaves, up to 14″ long, borne in 2 ranks at the ends of the rhizomes. In late spring, bears dense, terminal spikes of shallowly cup shaped, white to pink flowers, that are up to ½” wide, each with 6 segments, the tips reflexing with age. In areas with warm summers, spherical red berries, up to ½” across, are produced in autumn.
Zones 7-9