Rosa bracteata – Chickasaw Rose – Macartney rose –

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Rosa bracteata – Chickasaw Rose – Macartney rose – This fast growing, semi evergreen or evergreen species rose is from China and Taiwan but widely naturalized in the Southern USA, as a climber it can be 10-20′ feet tall and wide or as a shrub it can be 5-10′ feet tall and wide. From brownish green stems that double armed with hooked thorns it carries glossy, dark green leaves, each with5-11 obovate to elliptic leaflets, up to 2″ long, with blunt or rounded apexes. New growth is covered with soft gray hairs and red bristles. In late spring and fall, bears cupped to flat, lightly scented white flowers, that are 3 ½” across, with orange-yellow stamens and curling 5 petals, held singly or in clusters, followed by globular orange -red hips. Said to be immune to black spot.
Zones 4-9