Rossioglossum – orchid

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Rossioglossum –
There are about 6 species of epiphytic, evergreen orchids in this genus. They occur from rain forest, up to altitudes of 9,000′, in Central America. At its apex, each conical to ovoid, dark gray-green pseudobulbs produces 2-3 broadly oval, strap-like bluish green leaves, 15″ long and 2″ wide, marked brown at the bases. Erect or arching, few flowered raccemes up to 12, of showy, yellow red-brown barring, 6″ diameter flowers are born from the base of new growth from autumn to winter. Grow in a cool greenhouse or as houseplants.
Cool growing orchids (see chart below). Grow in epiphytic orchid potting mix, with added leaf mold and shagnum, in bright filtered light. In summer, provide good ventilation and, as new growth begins, water freely, applying a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly, keep just moist in winter.
Prone to spider mites, aphids, and mealybugs.