Sagina subulata ‘Aurea’ – Sagina glabra ‘Aurea’ – Golden Pearlwort – Pearlwort –

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Sagina – Pearlwort –
There are 20-30 compact, erect to prostrate annuals and perennials in the Caryophyllaceae family, in this genus. They naturally occur in a wide range of habitats, throughtout the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They produce linear to narrowly wedge shaped leaves, arranged in pairs and joined at the bases around the stems. Minute, 4 or 5 petaled white flowers with 5 green sepals are borne either singly or in few flowered cymes. The majority of Pearlwort are weeds, those described here are grown for their dense mats or cushions of leaves, which provide effective groundcover. They are suitable for growing in a rock garden or paving crevice.
Grow in poor to moderately fertile, acidic to neutral, moist but well drained soil, in full sun with some midday shade. Divide in spring.
Prone to aphids.

S. subulata ‘Aurea’ – S. glabra ‘Aurea’ – Golden Pearlwort – This prostrate forming perennial from Europe grows just to ½” tall and at least 8″ wide. From slender rooting stems which are clothed in pointed, linear, yellow green leaves, to ½” long, bear solitary, 5 petaled white flowers, 1/8″ across, on stems to 1 ½” long. Effective as a low groundcover in a rock garden or between paving stones.
Zones 4-7