Semiarundinaria fastuousa – Arundinaria fastuosa – Narihira Bamboo – bamboo

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Semiarundinaria –
There are 10-20 tall, slow growing, upright bamboos in the Poaceae family, in this genus. They are found naturally occurring from deciduous woodlands, upland slopes, and ravines in temperate and subtropical China and Japan. They generally have running rhizomes, but form dense clumps in cool climates. Smooth, cylindrical culms, with short lived, sometimes persistent, sheaths, some with upper inter-nodes grooved or flattened, carry 3-7 branches at each node, with checkered, narrowly lance shaped leaves. Grow in a woodland garden, as a specimen plant, or as informal hedge.
Grow in moderately fertile, humus rich, moist but well drained soil in full sun or dappled shade. Divide in spring.
Prone to slugs.

S. fastuousa – Arundinaria fastuosa – Narihira Bamboo – This tall, erect, tree like bamboo from Japan grows 10-40′ feet tall and 6′ feet wide. From spreading rhizomes, sprouts shiny , mid green hollow culms, ½-2 ½” wide, are striped purplish brown, markedly so when young, culm sheaths open to reveal polished, deep red purple interiors. Bears lance–shaped, glossy, mid green leaves, 5-8″ long, mainly on the upper part of the plant.
Zones 6-9