Sequoiadendron giganteum – Giant Redwood – Sierra Redwood – Sequoia gigantea – Giant Sequoia – Big Tree –

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Sequoiadendron – Giant Sequoia – Big Tree –
There is a sole species of long lived (1,500-3,000 years) monoecious, evergreen, coniferous trees that can reach 280′ or more high, in the Cupressaceae family, in this genus. They naturally occur in coniferous forest in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, Tehy are related to Sequoia but has narrowly wedge shaped leaves and thicker, deeply fissured, harder reddish brown bark, and ccones that ripen in 18-20 months rather than a year. It thrives in cooler, drier atmosphere than the Sequoia. An excellent, but very tall specimen tree.
Grow in deep moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun or light, dappled shade.
Prone to mushroom root rot, butt rot, dieback, and needle blight.

S. giganteum – Giant Redwood – Sierra Redwood – Sequoia gigantea – Wellingtonia gigantea – This single trunk, conical tree, becomes flat topped or columnar from California can grow up to 300′ feet tall and 20-30′ feet wide. Its very tick, fissured, red brown trunk can reach 40′ feet in diameter. The down curved branches, carry cypress like, awl shaped, gray green leaves, to 1/4″ long, and are arranged radially and point forward on the shoots. Bears ovoid, mid green female cones, 1 3/4″ long, ripening to brown.
Zones 6-9