Oenothera fruiticosa – Snowdrops –


Oenothera fruiticosa


comes in 2 or 3 gallon pots

O. fruticosa – O. linearis – This erect perennial or biennial from Eastern North America grows 12-36″ tall and 12″ wide. It produces softly hairy, red tinged stems that carry lance shaped, to ovate. Toothed mid green leaves, 1-4 ½” long, turning dull red after a light frost, the basal leaves are inversely lance shaped to obovate. From late spring to late summer it bears racemes of 3-10 saucer to cup shaped, deep yellow flowers, 1-2″ across, opening during the day.

Grow in poor to moderately fertile, well drained, even stony soil, in full sun. Protect from excessive winter moisture. Divide in early spring or fall.

zones 4-8