Delivering Plants

If you enjoy getting out and taking care of your own flowers and plants from time to time, we would more than happy to deliver plants to you as you require them. Our catalog has an extensive selection of plants and flowers. You can browse by season or plant type or you can let our expert staff choose what is right based on location and season.

How does plant delivery work?

You can have plants delivered once, or on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). Before each delivery, contact us to select a day, time, and location. You can either specify exactly which plants you want (availability may be affected by season) or let us choose the most appropriate plants based on where you are placing them, how much light they will get, and the time of year.

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Should I have plants delivered?

Plant delivery is a perfect fit for anyone with a busy schedule or the lack of a means to transport plants properly. Our team is standing by to help you get the plants and flowers where you need them without the hassle. 

How often should I have plants delivered?

If you want to have fresh flowers on every table in your restaurant or your reception desk, we can deliver every week. If you just need seasonal plants rotated out each quarter, we can accommodate. We work with every client to make sure they have plants where they need them when they need them there. 

Is having my plants professionally delivered expensive?

Plant delivery can be surprisingly affordable. Don’t let your home or business miss out on having beautiful plants and flowers. Request an estimate today and our expert team will make sure we find a delivery schedule that fits your budget.

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