Over Seeding

Lawn maintenance can be as simple as adding seed to an already established lawn. Overseeding can be used to prevent weeds from overtaking the lawn or to fill in bald or brown spots. 

What is Overseeding?

As a lawn matures thinning can happen. This is a natural part of lawn growth and is addressed by adding new seeds to the existing lawn. Done right, the effect of overseeding can be tremendous, making a sad and worn lawn look great again.

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Should I overseed my lawn?

Overseeding is recommended when turf has a lot of brown patches, or is weedy, or is just not at of good appearance then overseeding may be the way to go. Our professional team is standing by to answer your questions about if overseeding is right for you!

How often should I overseed my lawn?

Overseeding should not be done more than once a year. New grass seed takes time to grow and take hold. If your lawn requires overseeding every year, you may also want to look into making sure your soil is properly aerated and has the right amount of nutrients. 

Is having my lawn overseeded expensive?

Absolutely not! Overseeding is one of the most cost-effective ways to treat a yard, and can often be done is a few short hours. After the seed is installed, you can water it each morning to ensure maximum effectiveness without any additional cost. Contact our team for an estimate to see how we can help you today!

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