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Pesticide Treatment

Proper care of your lawn includes applying necessary treatments thought-out the year. Our trained staff will work with you on a plan to maintain a healthy, lush,  green lawn.

Why use pesticides?

Invasive plants link crabgrass and dandelions can cause a lot of damage to your lawn. One of the best ways to manage this damage is to kill or prevent the growth of weeds in your lawn with modern pesticides.

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Should I use pesticides on my lawn?

Modern pesticides used as directed can be safe for you, your kids, pets, and the environment. There is very little drawback to using pesticides in the maintenance of your lawn. Professionals can help you with the application and keep your lawn healthy as well as safe.

How often should treat my lawn?

Depending on the way you are scheduling fertilizer on your lawn, you may want to treat it either once or twice each year. Occasionally the additional spot treatment will help as well. 

Is having my lawn professionally treated expensive?

Compared to the cost of replacing a lawn after weeds have taken over, pesticide treatment is much more affordable. Our teams specialize in making sure treatment costs are balanced with your budget and needs. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

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