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Plant Removal

Removing a plant properly isn’t always about muscle, it’s about knowledge of how the plant grows and how to remove it with minimal disturbance o the surrounding plants and structures. Our experienced team can help you remove any plant that is no longer needed.

Why should I use a professional for plant removal?

Plant removal can be a complicated process. Our trained team can help remove plants while accounting for erosion issues, surrounding plants, and structures that may be impacted by the removal of the unwanted plant. 

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How does your plant removal service work?

Each removal is handled on a case by case basis. First, we complete a visual site survey to make sure removal of the plant won’t damage surrounding structures or cause out-of-control erosion. Once we complete that, we work with the property owner to plan the removal safely. Once removal begins we try to complete the removal and restore the area to a usable condition as quickly as possible. 

Is having my plants professionally removed expensive?

This depends on the size, age, and type of plant that needs to be removed, as well as its proximity to structures or other valuable plants that are not being removed. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

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