Landscape / Planting Design

A proper landscape or garden requires knowledgeable planning around lighting, water, season, and overall aesthetic. Don’t let your garden space go to waste, make sure your landscape is designed the right way.

What is plant design?

Our knowledgeable staff will assess every garden, upon request, meet with you, to discuss what your desires are, then recommend appropriate plants, to achieve these goals for you. Our website enables us to show pictures of plants and when they bloom, allowing us to easily illustrate as the season’s progress, where each plant will bloom so you know which area will be brought to life. Our designs use different colored blooms, working together to change the focal point and backdrop throughout the year. We can also incorporate foundation shrubs or trees, and other plants to fulfill your desires.

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Should I have my landscape designed?

If you are looking to get your landscape right, designing it beforehand is absolutely critical. Proper landscape and plant design will make a huge difference in the overall quality and appearance of your garden and a well-designed area is sure to impress your visitors. 

Is having my garden designed expensive?

Professional landscape design has its costs, but it can also save you time and money down the road. By designing your area to reduce water usage and making sure to put plants in areas they can thrive instead of die, you will save a lot of money. Contact our team today for an estimate for your next garden landscape design. 

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