Sod Installation

If turf is really bad, and you don’t have the patience for seed to germinate then sodding is the way to go.  It’s also a great opportunity to fix the land, that is not pitched, or graded correctly or if there’s a spot of pooling water, this is a great time to address those issues.

What is Sodding?

Sod is like carpet, it comes perfectly ready to be laid out. First, we remove old turf and weeds! Then rototill soil, add soil additives (like peat moss, compost, and other materials) if needed to enrich the soil to feed the lawn from beneath. We then level, or grade, or pitch the land and add additional soil if needed. Next, we roll out sod being careful not to overlap each piece. Sod will need to be watered heavily in the first year, especially when first laid, then regularly as it establishes. In coming years treat it as you would a regular healthy lawn.

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Should I have sod installed?

When redoing an existing lawn or starting a new one, time and effort can be a huge barrier to entry. If you are worried about getting the seeding of your lawn right, or simply don’t have time to wait then sod is right for you.

When should I have sod installed?

New sod can burn if the ground temperature is over 80 degrees. You will want to time the installation of your sod when the final freeze of winter is behind you, but the hot summer hasn’t yet begun. You should also be prepared to water your new sod well as adequate water is essential. 

Is having sod installed expensive?

Our team is able to work efficiently and accurately, preventing the cost of installation from becoming too much. To see if sod is right for you, request a quote from our team.

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