Spring Cleanup

At the beginning of the season, our trained staff will visit your property, remove leaves, and other debris accumulated over winter, edge, and initialize the season with a starter fertilizer, lime, seed, and peat moss.

What is spring cleanup?

Each year yard maintenance can be done to improve the appearance and prevent damage from happening to your landscape. When cleaning up a landscape in the spring, it is best to tend to mulch beds, mowing, yard edging, stonework and hard edging, and the removal of debris that have fallen during the winter. This will not only make your property look better, but it will help identify and prevent any damage caused by the elements early.

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Should I do a spring cleanup?

Even if you have a small amount of yard or garden space, cleanup in the spring is essential. Leaving the yard unattended in the spring will quickly lead to overgrowth or even damage. A good spring cleaning is a key to a happy, attractive yard.

When should I do spring cleanup?

There is no hard rule on the right day, but if you want to get the most done all at once, it is best to wait until winter is well behind you. Make sure to start spring clean up after the last frost or freeze. Don’t wait too long, however, as it will be to your benefit to complete the clean up before the plants in your garden have come out of dormancy for the season.

Is having my spring cleanup done professionally expensive?

Our team of professionals works with each client to make sure the cost of timely spring cleanup fits your budget. Some things like pruning can require special equipment and experience to prevent costly mistakes, so having a professional complete the work may help you save money. Find out today by requesting a quote.

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