Weekly Mowing Service

A frequently mowed lawn is a healthy lawn. Letting your lawn grow too long before mowing can shock the plants making them more susceptible to weeds or loss of their healthy green color. Mowing can be exhausting and take a lot of time. A weekly mowing service can help.

What is weekly mowing?

Once a week our trained staff will visit the property to not only cut grass, but edge, weed, and clean your property.  Leaving your property immaculate.  While on-site our staff will evaluate the property looking for potential problems, such as signs that proper watering is being done or if fungus or insects are present before there is dramatic damage to your garden.  We consider ourselves urban farmers, instead of a food crop, we harvest green grass and flowers, then a happy customer.

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Should I mow weekly?

If you want a nice, green lawn, you will want to mow at least once a week. Grass should never be cut by more than a third of its length, so mowing your lawn to a low height after it has grown for more than a week can result in the grass getting shocked. This can expose the lawn to pests, weeds, and fungus.

Is having my lawn mowed professionally expensive?

Our team has top of the line equipment and has years of experience meaning we can complete your weekly mowing service quickly and at minimum cost. If you need help with your weekly mowing, request and estimate today.

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