Paronychia kapela subsp. serpyllifolia – Whitlow-wort –

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Paronychia – Whitlow-wort –
There are about 50 annuals and evergreen, mat or clump forming perennials in this genus. They occur mainly in hot, dry habitats around the Mediterranean and in Northern Africa, with some in North America. They have linear to rounded shaped, silvery green leaves often in pairs, and dense, axillary cymes of very small, cup shaped flowers surrounded bu conspicuous, translucent silver bracts. Grown for their flowers and leaves, they are good carpeting plant for a rock garden.
Grow in sharply drained, poor to moderately fertile foil in full sun. Divide in spring.

P. kapela subsp. serpyllifolia – This very compact, mat forming perennial from the Mediterranean grows 2″ tall and 8″ wide. It produces ovate to lance shaped or elliptic, silvery bluish green leaves, to 1/8″ long. In summer it bears tiny, greenish white flowers held in cymes, to 3/4″ across, enclosed by silvery white, papery bracts.
Zones 8-10