Adenophora bulleyana –


Adenophora –

A genus of more then 40 species of perennials that dies back at the end of the growing season, then over winter by underground rootstocks grows then continues top growth in the next growing season.  Native eastern Asia but 2 occur in the wild in Europe.  One is grown in Japan for its edible roots.

The leaves, stem from the base of the plant and die back before the plant flowers.  Some species the leaves may be alternate.  The leaves are either small lance to rounded to egg shape and may have toothed edges or arranged in 3 from a single stem.  The ¼-3/4” long bell or funnel shape flowers are pendent or semi-pendent held in racemes or panicles.

They like light humus rich moist but well drained soil in full sun or partial shade.  Grow as a border or an open woodland setting, the smaller ones are well suited for rock gardens.

Prone to Vine weevils may attack roots and slugs and snails may eat young growth.

Adenophora bulleyana – Native to Western China this perennial can grow 4’ feet tall and only 12” wide.  It has an erect growth habit, with clustered toothed stems bearing rather lance shape 3” long leaves.  Flowers on the top of spikes in groups of 3, the ½” long violet-blue bell shape flowers with arching/bent petals opening in late summer.

Zones 5-9