Cerus peruvianus – Medium – Peruvian Apple cactus –


Cerus peruvianus

stems are segmented and multi lobed

interior plant

indoors – grow in standard cactus potting mix in full light. in growth water freely and apply a low nitrogen liquid fertilize monthly, keep almost dry in winter

C. peruvianus – C. peruvianus of gardens – C. uruguayanus – Apple Cactus –

From Southeast Brazil to Argentina it is found to be tree like, columnar cactus to 15′ feet tall and 28″ inches wide. It segment into 5 to 9 ribbed, branches, glaucose dark green stems, from which spines that reddish brown emerge from segments with longer thorns being in center and smaller surrounding them along edges. In summer, it produces funnel shaped flowers, 6″ inches long, with white inner petals and green-, brown-, or red-tipped white outer petals