Sansevieria trifasciata – Medium – Snake Plant – Mother-in-laws Tongue


Sansevieria – Snake Plant – Mother-in-law’s Tongue – Bowstring Hemp 

S. trifasciata – Mother-in-laws Tongue – Snake Plant – This erect, rhizomatous perennial from Western tropical Africa grows 4′ feet tall and 20″ wide. It produces pointed, stiff lance shaped, fleshy leaves, to 4′ feet or more long and 2″ or more wide, which are horizontally marbled and banded dark and light green. Bears racemes , 12-30″ long, of tubular, green or greenish white flowers, up to ½” long, intermittently, rarely when grown inside. Dwarf cultivars are suitable for growing in bowls and pans.

Indoors, grow in 2 parts soil based potting mix and 1 part coarse grit, in bright filtered light or indirect light. When in growth, water moderately and apply a half strength balanced liquid fertilizer monthly, water sparingly in winter. Pot on only when pot-bound, leaf growth may stop if leaf tips are damaged. Divide in spring or summer.

zones 14-15