Cycas revoluta – Medium – King Sago palm –

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Cycas revoluta – Sago Palm

can have a trunk 12″ inches across with pointed stiff fronds unfurls

C. revoluta – Japanese Sago Palm – This slow growing, long lived, single, straight, cylindrical trunk cycad, from the South Islands of Japan grows 3-10′ feet tall and 3-6′ feet wide. It is erect at first but gradually reclining with age, and suckering and branching when mature. Stiff, arching fronds, 30-60″ long, are pinnate, with up to 125 sickle shaped, glossy, dark green, spine tipped leaflets. Ovoid, woolly, golden brown inflorescences are produced on mature plants but seldom of those grown in containers. The male inflorescences, to 16″ long, are pineapple-scented, females, 8″ long, produce ovoid yellow fruit, to 1 ½” long.

Indoors, grow in a mix of equal parts loam, compost, and coarse bark with additional grit and charcoal, and a slow release fertilizer. Provide full light, with shade from hot sun, and moderate humidity. In the growing season, water moderately, reduce humidity and water in winter. Tolerant of some drought.

Zones 9-15