Polyscias Balfour aralia – Panax – Aralia –

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house plant

Polyscias – Panax – Aralia –

There are about 150 species of rounded or upright, evergreen shrubs and small tree in this genus. They occur in tropical regions of Africa, Australia, Asia and the Pacific. They are grown for their alternate or spiraling leaves, which may be simple, 3 palmate or pinnate to 3 pinnate, and tend to be group toward the stem tips. The small, usually whitish green flowers have 4-15 tepals, and are most often produces in panicles composed of small umbels, or in terminal clusters up to 24″ long, they are followed by small, usually purple to black berries. In areas where temperate falls below 61 degrees Fahrenheit grow as a house plant.

Indoors, grow in soil based potting mix in full light or bright filtered light. In growth, water freely, mist daily, and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every month.