Ficus elastica India Rubber Fig – Medium – Rubber Plant Ficus -green –


Rubber Tree


F. elastica India Rubber Fig – Indian Rubber Tree – Rubber Plant – This evergreen, many branched tree from Eastern Himalayas, Burma, Malaya, and Java grows 100-200′ tall and 70-200′ feet wide, although outside the topics it usually seen as a potted plant and is much smaller. It produces oblong to elliptic, leathery, glossy, dark green. Often red flushed leaves, 12-18″ long. Oblong yellow figs, to ½” long, develop in pairs or clusters on mature trees in the open. Renowned as the principal source of rubber.

Indoors grow in soil based potting mix, with added fine bark chips, in full or filtered light. During growth water moderately and apply a high nitrogen fertilizer every 4 weeks. Keep moist in winter.

zones 11