Acaena argentea – Bidi-bidi – Zealand burr –

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Acaena – Bidi-bidi – Zealand burr –

A genus of 100 species of low growing perennials from New Zealand and cooler parts of South America but also some occur in Australia and else where in the pacific region.  Thin creeping stems bear clusters of hairs and at intervals, small pinnate leaves with toothed edges.  Insignificant flowers are green or purple-brown in dense spikes followed by dry fruit with hooks that cling easily to clothes.

Usually used in a rock garden or ground cover for their intricate foliage although some species are regarded as weeds.

Tough plants that thrive in exposed places and poor soil but needs good drainage and moisture during the summer.

Acaena argentea – derives from Peru and Chile and grows to 24-inch mat with 6” inch long blue gray leaves with silvery underside.  The leaves are pinnate with 9-15 leaflets, and flower and seeds are purple.

Zone 7-10