Acer pseudoplatanus ‘Rubicundum’ ‘ ‘Sycamore Maple’ ‘ ‘Planetree Maple’ – Maple

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Acer pseudoplatanus – ‘Sycamore Maple’ – ‘Planetree Maple’ – From Southwestern Asia, and Central and South Europe. This deciduous, fast growing tree can grow 100’ feet tall and 80’ feet wide. The 5 lobed dark green leaves are 4-8 inches long turning brunt yellow in autumn. Bears yellow green flowers on pendent panicles 5” inch long followed by green or red 1 ½” winged fruit. It has thick pale gray scaly bark. Valued for its giving qualities and tolerance to city air pollution and to salt laden winds, as well as its timber. Due to its ability to produce abundant seeds it can cause a weed problem. It has some cultivars, which are smaller and colored such as:

‘Rubicundum’ – Leaves flecked deep pink