Acer rubrum var. drummondii – Red Maple – Scarlet Maple – Swamp Maple – Canadian Maple – Maple


Acer rubrum – Red Maple – Scarlet Maple – Swamp Maple – Canadian Maple – This fast growing, deciduous large maple native to North America and is a fast grower to a height 50-60’ feet and 35’ feet wide. The 3-5 lobed leaves are dark green with grayish white undersides change from green to yellow, amber or fiery red and are about 4 inches across. Bears erect clusters of tiny red flowers. Its lumber is prized for furniture. Also its leaf bears the Canadian flag, and produces a clear sap that is used for maple syrup. An excellent shade specimen or shade tree, also tolerant to wet soils and air pollution. Grow in acidic soil for best fall color.

var. drummondii – Found in some prairie states like lower Mississippi Valley of the USA has larger flowers and thicker leaves with whitish undersides.