Acer saccharinum – Acer dasycarpum ‘Beebe Cutleaf Weeping’ – Silver Maple – River Maple – Soft Maple – Maple


Acer saccharinum – Acer dasycarpum – Silver Maple – River Maple – Soft Maple – White Maple – This tree is a fast growing, deciduous tree reaching 80’ feet tall and 50’ feet wide, found in eastern North America on riverbanks. On pendent branches are sharply toothed shallowly to deep, 5 lobed, 4-8” inches long light green leaves with silvery white undersides. Greenish yellow flowers are borne on erect corymbs. Prone to damage from wind or snow. Not suitable for polluted areas, prized for its clear sap which is makes maple syrup, as well for its timber. Many cultivars and hybrids exist.
‘Beebe Cutleaf Weeping’ – Has clear yellow foliage in spring turning light green in summer and back to yellow in autumn.