Acer shirawanum ‘Aureum’ – Acer japonica ‘Aureum’ – Autumn Moon Fullmoon Maple – Maple

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Acer shirasawanum – Native to the mountains of Japan it grows to 20’ feet tall in a rounded habit with smooth bark. The 9-13 lobed leaves are lime green in spring, turning yellowish towards the end of summer, then in autumn may develop a blush of crimson or golden yellow. Winged fruits are reddish.
A dozen other popular cultivars have also been named
‘Aureum’ – Acer japonica ‘Aureum’ – This deciduous tree grows 20’ feet tall and in breadth in a rounded habit. In spring the foliage is lime green turns gold and red-orange in autumn. Flowers are borne on upright corymbs.
Zones 5-9