Adenandra fragans –

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There are about 18 species of small evergreen or low spreading shrubs in this genus.  Native to South America and the Cape region of South Africa where they’re found in rocky mountainsides and sea cliffs. There are two species that are grown as ornamental.  Normally maxizing out at 4’ feet tall they have branches that have glands that secretes a sticky substance that are often sticky with small aromatic leaves.  The 5 petal flowers are 1” wide and are white or pink and fragrant in some species that are out of proportion with the leaves.

They thrive in deeply worked, free draining, gritty soil and a sunny open position and are ideal for rock or container gardens. In cooler climates put in greenhouse fertilizing sparingly.  Water well in winter and spring but drier in summer.

Adenandra fragans – Has an upright habit growing to 4’ feet tall.  Leaves are ¾” long and are oblong with wavy edges.  Flowers are mildly scented and rounded mass of 5-18.  The petals are bright pink shade with fine red veining.

Zones 9-10