Adenostoma fasciculatum – Greasewood – Chamise –

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There are 2 species in this genus of evergreen shrubs or small trees.  Native to the dry hills of California and adjacent Mexico’s Baja.  Cultivated for their flowers.  They have crowded leaves that are encrusted with sticky aromatic resin.  As the plant ages the bark starts to peel.  In spring and early autumn large foamy spray of tiny white flowers are projected past the foliage.

Their long-lived shrubs that can with stand light frost.  They prefer hot dry summer in sunny to partial shaded areas that are sheltered from strong winds. Accompanied with moderately fertile well-drained soil.  When establish they are drought tolerable.  Prune to shape and to keep it compact but its natural habit will never make it a neat plant.  Grow as specimen or as a shrub border.

Adenostoma fasciculatum – Greasewood – Chamise –Grows 10’ feet tall and in breadth but may become a small tree with a spreading habit.  Lower branches are often clothed in reddish-brown narrow stripe shreds especially at the base.  Resinous ½” long leaves are very small and crowded and short profuse sprays of white flowers appear in spring and summer.

Zones 8-10