Alchemilla ellenbeckii – Lady’s Mantle


Alchemilla – Lady’s Mantle

There are about 300 species of clump forming perennials, in this genus. They are found in light woodland and some rocky habitants in North temperate and arctic zones and from Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia.  Valued for their foliage and frothy sprays of flowers.  Most have woody creeping roots and shallowly to palmately lobed rounded or kidney shaped attractively pleated or often covered with fine hairs.  They bear 1/8” wide green or yellowish green that are long lasting and great for cut flowers.  Many species have styptic and other medicinal properties.

These frost hardy species grow in any moist soil that’s humus rich in sun or partial shade but foliage will deteriorate in summer heat.  Divided in late winter to early spring.

Prone to slugs and snail damage.

Alchemilla ellenbeckii – This evergreen mat forming perennial grows 2” tall and a foot wide is native to East Africa.  The sparsely haired 5 lobed kidney shaped pale green ¾” long leaves that bear yellowish green flowers that are hidden among foliage in summer.

Zones 3-9