Alisma gramineum – Water Plantains


Alisma – Water Plantains

There are about 9 species of herbaceous perennial that’s marginal aquatic or bog perennials, native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, South Africa and Australia.  The basal rosette of leaves with usually broad lance shaped to heart shaped blades.  In summer a tall whorled umbel-like panicles arise form the center of the rosette bear small 3 petal saucer shaped white or pink flowers are followed by small green fruits which fragment into many segment that float away.

They grow submerged in shallow water but will not flower until leaves grow above water.  Mostly grow at pond edges or a boggy pace.  Valued for their bold green foliage in warmer months.

They require little maintenance and spread by division.

Alisma gramineum – Grows 8” tall and in breadth and derives from Europe, North Africa, West Asia and North America. This aquatic perennial sends out 4” long leaves that are dark green and elliptic to lance in shape when above the water.  Those leaves are submerged grow 18” long and are linear in shape.  It bears pinkish or white flowers ¼” across are borne in dense panicles 5-6” tall.

Zones 5-8