Alopecurus alpinus – Foxtail Grass –


Alopecurus – Foxtail Grass –

There are about 40 species of annuals and perennials grasses from meadows and pastures from north temperate regions, in this genus.  Some are considered as weeds and others valued for their ornamental value.  They bear dense terminal panicles of cylindrical flowering head consisting of tightly packed small spikelets.  Flower heads are commonly used as a dry flower.  It produces tufts of usually flat sometimes-channeled leaves.  Well suited in rock gardens.

These frost hardy grasses grow in fertile well-drained soil in sun or partial shade moderate fertile soil that’s well drained.  Clip back in spring for best foliage effect in areas with hot summer cut midsummer for new foliage in autumn.

Prone to rust, smut, leaf streak, ergot, Anthracnose and leaf scald.

Alopecurus alpinus – This low growing loosely clump forming perennial grass from sub arctic Europe produces narrow leaves and bears stalked flower heads 1” long in an oval shape that’s purplish gray and softly hairy.

Zones 3-8