Achillea m. ‘Paprika’ – Yarrow –


Achillea millefolium – Miltoil – This species is widely distributed through Europe and the temperate Asia. It’s hardy and vigorous growing to 2’ feet tall and 2’ feet wide. It has feathery dark green foliage with white to pink tiny flowers grouped together to form a flat top, 3-4” across in early to late summer.

‘Paprika’ – Bear orange-red flower head that fade with age.

Most will tolerant a wide range of soils but will thrive in and conditions. Thrives in moist but well drained soil. Hybrids have been cultivated to fit poor drained shaded areas. They spread by sending out shoots above or under ground roots that send up erect shoots that can be cut to create a separate plant.

zones 3-9