Ampelopsis aconitifolia – Vitis aconitifolia – Monkshoos vine –

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There are about 25 species of woody deciduous vines and a few are shrubs in the grape family, in this genus.  They occur in the wild in temperate Asia and North America. These climber have simple palmate or pinnate often lobed or toothed leafs.  They bear insignificant flowers followed small rather dry berries mostly bluish or blackish.  There grown for their autumn color, which is red or yellow as well as for their decorative fruits.

Grow in a sunny or partially shaded position in moisture retentive but well drained soil.  It’s fully cold hardy and grows rapidly and needs strong support with plenty of room to spread.  After berries are finished cut back hard to the main branches.  Great plant to cover a wall or on a tree.

Prone to fungal leaf spots, powdery mildew, downy mildew, Flea beetles and Japanese beetle damage.

Ampelopsis aconitifolia – Vitis aconitifolia – Monkshoos vine – This vigorous slender stemmed climber derives from Mongolia, and Northern China and can reach 40’ feet high.  It bears 3-5 palmate, glossy dark green leaves 5” long composed of lance to diamond shaped deeply lobed leaflets.  In late summer it bears cymes of small green flower followed by spherical orange fruit to ¼” across.

Zones 5-8