Angelica archangelica ‘ Angelica officinalis ‘ Archangle ‘



There are about 50 species of herbaceous perennials and biennials, in this genus. Some flower and fruit once then die or don’t bear flowers for a few years.  They’re mainly from meadows, low, swampy land, bogs and stream banks in the northern hemisphere.  Great, large architectural plants producing palm like alternate 2 or 3 pinnate or 2 or 3 ternate diamond shape leaves 12-36” long.  It bears large, pleasantly aromatic umbels of small white greenish yellow or purple flowers followed by flat ribbed brown fruit.  Angelica archangelica has culinary and medicinal uses and is suitable for an herb garden.

Grow in deep, moist, fertile, loamy soil in full or partial shade.

Prone to powdery mildew, several leaf spots, aphids, snails, slugs, carrot rust fly larvae, and leaf miners.

Angelica archangelica – Angelica officinalis – Archangle – This native to Northern Europe is a fast grower to 6’ feet tall and 4’ feet wide.  This thick upright herbaceous perennial flowers and fruit once and then dies or don’t bear a flowers for a few years and are often grown as a biennials.  It produces 2 or 3 pinnate bright green leaves to 24” long that are egg shape to lance shape.  In early or mid summer it bears rounded umbels to 10” across of greenish yellow flowers held on thick, ribbed stems.   Valued for centuries for it’s medicinal uses to relieve toothaches and protect against the plague.  Young stems are used as a cooked vegetable or garnish.  Protect from strong winds.

Zones 4-9