Arisarum proboscideum – Mouse Plant

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There’s only 3 species of rhizomatous or tuberous, densely clumping forming perennials, in this genus.  They occur from moist woodland or rocky ground and wasteland in the Mediterranean Regions, and the Azores and the Canary Islands.  Grown for their small hooded tubular spathes developing from early to mid spring which enclose spadices that have tiny flowers.  The densely arranged, radical, arrow to heart shaped leaves are held on long leaf stalks.  The leaves may obscure the tiny flowers.

Grow in humus rich, moist soil in lightly shaded area.  Divide in autumn or winter.

Arisarum proboscideum – Mouse Plant – This rhizomatous perennial from Italy and Spain grows to 6” tall and spreads to 10” or more wide.  These mat forming perennial consist of arrow shaped, glossy dark green leaves 2 ½-6” long.  In spring it bears hooded dark brown-purple spathes, 1 ¼-2” long each with a long curled tip to 6” long that like a mouse tail, that grow among the leaves.

Zones 6-9