Lychnis alpina -Artic campion


Lychnis alpine


usually comes in quart or 1 gallon size container

blooms in summer

L. alpina – Alpine campion – Alpine Catchfly – This dwarf, tufted perennial from the Mountains of Northern Hemisphere, subarctic regions grows 6″ tall and wide. It produces rosettes of oblong-lance-shaped to elliptic-lance shaped, dark green leaves, to 1 ½” long. In summer it bears dense, rounded, terminal cymes of 6-20 salverform, rosy purple flowers, to 3/4″ across, with frilled, 2 lobed petals.

Grow in any moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Deadhead frequently to prolong flowering. Divide in early spring.

Zones 4-7