Asarina procumbens ‘Iberian Trail’ ‘ Antirrrhinum asarina ‘Iberian Trail’ ‘ Climbing Snapdragon – Creeping Gloxinia ‘ Trailing Snapdragon


Asarina – Creeping Gloxinia – Trailing Snapdragon

There is a single species of a trailing evergreen perennial, in this genus. It is found in shaded areas in the Pyrenees.  It produces heart shaped softly sticky-haired leaves. Grown for their 2-lipped flowers, which strongly resemble those of snapdragons.  The flowers are borne singly from the upper leaf axils over long periods in summer.  Great for trailing over walls or rocks.

Grow these moderately frost hardy plants in fertile well-drained sandy soil in sun or partial shade.

Asarina procumbens ‘Iberian Trail’ – Antirrrhinum asarina ‘Iberian Trail’ Climbing Snapdragon – is a seed raised cultivar . This trailing, mat forming evergreen perennial grows to 2” tall and spreads to 24” wide.  It produces opposite pairs of shallowly lobed, kidney shaped hairy, gray green leaves to 2 ½” long and 2” wide on fragile stems.  In summer it bears pale yellow “snapdragon” like flowers to 1 ½” long with deep yellow throats and light purple veining.

Zones 6-10