Asimina triloba ‘ Pawpaw ‘

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There are about 8 species of deciduous and evergreen single or multi-stemmed, shrubs or small trees, in this genus.  They are found in rich moist soils in thickets and woodlands, in Southern parts of Eastern North America.  They produce un-toothed and un-lobed, alternate leaves.  Asimina triloba is really the only species cultivated.  Grown for their striking foliage and unusual solitary or small clusters of purple or white flowers which are nodding and bell shaped are carried on previous years growth.  Produces edible fruits which are pleasant tasting.

Grow in moist but well drained, fertile, humus rich, neutral to acidic soil in full sun or semi-shaded position.  It response well to pruning and shaping and can be used as a hedge but limits fruiting capabilities.

Prone to leaf blotch, eyespot, and other fungal leaf diseases may occur.

Asimina triloba – Pawpaw – This deciduous shrub or small tree from Eastern and central U.S.A. grows to 20-30’ feet tall and in breadth.   It produces egg shaped mid green leaves up to 12” long.  In late spring it bears sweet and fragrant cup shaped flowers up to 2” wide each with 3 large calyx lobes surrounded by 6 reddish-brown petals (3 large and 3 small) appear singly or in small clusters.  It produces ovoid to bottle-shaped edible sweet fruit to 5” long are yellow-green ripening to yellow brown.  Foliage turns yellow to coppery red in autumn.

Zones 5-9