Bellevalia hyacinthoise – Strangweeja spicata – bulb

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There are about 45 species of bulbous perennials, in this genus. They occur in scrub and maquis in Southern Europe and Asia. They produce strap shaped, mid to gray green, basal leaves. In spring it bears racemes of bell shaped flowers, similar to grape hyacinths, are mostly white, lilac, or violet-blue, often fading to brown. Grow in a rock garden or sunny border.

Plant 2″ deep in autumn in any well drained soil in full sun. Divide clumps to maintain vigor. Most prefer to be kept dry in summer.

B. hyacinthoise – Strangweeja spicata – This bulbous perennial from Greece grows 2-6″ tall. It produces strap shaped, fleshy, mid green leaves, 6-18″ long,, during autumn and winter. In spring it bears loose racemes of a few wide opening flowers, 1/4-1/2″ long, pale blue with deeper blue veins.

Zones 7-9