Bumelia lycioides – Buckthorn Bumelia

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Bumelia –

There are about 25 species of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs, in this genus. They are confined to the Americas. They are mostly thorny trees with milky sap, simple, smooth edged leaves and small white flowers emerging from rusty haired buds, carried in small clusters. The fruits are small berries each containing a single large brown seed. Provide food for wild live and are drought resistant with deep tap roots.

B. lycioides – Buckthorn Bumelia – This evergreen shrub with twisted branches from sandy stream banks and in drier forests through a broad belt of Southeastern USA from Eastern Texas to the Atlantic coast and North to Kentucky, can reach 20′ feet tall. The leaves are pointed, hairless and up to 5″ long. In late spring it bears abundant clusters of white flowers followed in autumn by quite decorative ½” long, purple black berries, which attract birds.

Zones 6-10