Calla palustris – Water Arum – Bog Arum –


Calla – Water Arum – Bog Arum –

There is a single species of a deciduous or semi evergreen, semi aquatic, loose clump forming perennial, in this genus. It occurs in swamps, lake, and stream edges, in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It has glossy, heart shaped, dark green leaves and bears showy cream spathes, followed by dull red berries. It seldom exceeds 8-10″ tall and is excellent for softening the margins of a small to medium sized pool, or in a bog garden. At depths of 2-3″, it spreads through shallow water or mud by creeping rhizomes, which may extend to 6-20″ and thicken to 1 1/4″ in diameter. Contact with the foliage may aggravate skin allergies.

Grow in aquatic containers in humus rich, acidic soil, or in mud in shallow, sstill or slow moving water no deeper than 10″. Position in full sun to encourage flowering and fruiting but will tolerate some shade. Divide rhizomes in spring.

C. palustris – Bog Arum – This aquatic rhizomatous perennial from Northern and Central Europe, Asia and North America grows 12″ tall and 24″ wide. It produces upright, alternate, glossy, dark green leaves, to 8″ long, broadly ovate with heart shaped bases. The basal leaves are arranged in 2 ranks on slender leaf stalks growing from the rhizomes. Through summer it bears white spathed inflorescences, 10″ tall, the spathes surround insignificant flower clusters. They are followed by clusters of dull red berries in autumn.

Zones 3-8