Pyrus ‘Clevede select’ – Callery pear –


Pyrus ‘Clevede Select’

deciduous tree – narrower then the Bradford pear

blooms in early spring

full sun

sells by thickness of trunk ranging in heights

P. calleryana – Callery Pear – This very not long lived, broadly conical deciduous, often very thorny tree from Southeastern China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan grows 5-60′ feet tall and 50′ feet wide. It produces ovate to broadly ovate, finely scalloped or toothed, glossy, grayish green leaves, to 3″ long, turning red in late autumn, In early spring it bears white flowers, 3/4″ across are held in umbel like racemes or up to 12, followed in autumn by inedible, spherical brown fruit, ½” across. Fireblight resistant and makes an excellent street tree.

Grow in any moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun. They suitable for coastal conditions and are tolerant of drought and atmospheric pollution.

zones 5-8