Callirhoe involucrata – Prairie Poppy Mallow – Poppy Mallow –


Callirhoe – Poppy Mallow –

There are about 8 species of annuals and taprooted perennials, in this genus. They occur from prairies and grassland in the USA and Mexico. Their leaves are alternate and deeply palmately lobed. They are grown for their 5 petalled, cup shaped, mallow-like, brightly colored flowers, carried either singly or in short racemes. Poppy Mallows will thrive in a hot, dry site in a border or rock gardens, they are also suitable for wild flower or native gardens.

Grow in well drained sandy soil in full sun. Protect from winter moisture. Avoid damage to the taproot when planting.

Prone to rust diseases, powdery mildew, aphids, and spider mites.

C. involucrata – Prairie Poppy Mallow – This low growing perennial found from Missouri to Texas grows 12″ tall and wide. It has a carrot like taproot, giving rise to procumbent, hairy stems, 6″ or more long, with rounded, 3 to 7 lobed leaves, 1-2″ long. From late spring to mid summer, long flower stalks bear numerous erect, axillary, usually solitary flowers, 1 3/42 ½” across, the petals cerise to purplish red with white bases.

Zones 4-6