Calocedrus decurrens – Heyderica decurrens – Libocedurs decurrens – Incense Cedar –


Calocedrus –

There are species of evergreen, monoecious conical to columnar coniferous trees, this genus. They occur in warm temperate forest in Western China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Western USA. The branchlets are arranged in 2 flattened rows, the decurrent, scale like leaves overlap and appear 4 ranked, but are arranged in 2 pairs. The male cones are carried single, the female cones are 1″ long, have 6-8 scales, hinged at the bases, of which only the central pairs is fertile, each scale bearing 2 seeds. Timber is used for shingle tiles. Grow as a specimen tree.

Grow in any well drained deep, moderately fertile soil in sun or partial shade.

Prone to rust.

C. decurrens – Heyderica decurrens – Libocedurs decurrens – Incense Cedar – This slow growing narrow crowned columnar tree in cultivation, but often with a wide crown and horizontal branches in the wild grows 70-130′ feet tall and 6-30′ feet wide. It has bark that flakes off with age. Pendent shoots bear erect, cylindrical yellow-brown female cones, to 1″ long, ripening red-brown.

Zones 5-9