Campanula carpatica ‘Blue Uniform’ – Carpathian bellflower –


Campanula carpatica ‘Blue Uniform’


full sun to partial shade

blooms in late summer

comes in one gallon container

Campanula – Azorina Bellflower – Bell flower – Bluebell –

C. carpatica – Carpathian Bellflower – Tussock Bellflowers – This clump forming variable perennial from Central Europe grows 8-12″ tall and slow spread to 24″ wide. It produces rounded to ovate or heart shaped, toothed, mid green basal leaves 1-2″ long. Spring through summer it bears many long, branched stems bear usually solitary, large upturned, open bell shaped, blue, lavender, or white flowers, 1 1/4-2″ across. Great as edging or in a rock garden.

zones 4-8