Livistona chinensis – Chinese fan palm –


Livistona chinensis

L. Chinensis – this medium sized palm from South Japan and South Taiwan grows 40′ feet tall and 15′ feet wide, although rarely that size under glass. From erect, robust trunk usually swollen at base it bears a fibrous leaf bases, at first. Glossy, rich green leaves to 6′ feet long, with shorter, spiny leaf stalks, are divided for up to two thirds of their lengths into many linear, pendent segments. Cream flowers may appear in summer, and are borne in panicle to 3′ feet or more long. Followed ovoid to spherical glossy blue-green to gray-pink fruit 3/4-1″ inch across.

wide spreading palm

produces large leaves that look like a hand held fan

Indoors – grow in soil based potting mix in full or bright indirect light. In growing season water freely and apply balanced liquid fertilizer every month. Water sparingly in winter

prone to tar spot, butt rot, bud rot may occur, scale insects and spider mites

great for a patio

zones 14-15