Clintonia umbellulata – Specked Wood-lily –


Clintonia –

There are about 5 species of rhizomatous herbaceous perennials, in this genus. They occur from woodland in the Himalayas, Eastern Asia, and North America. The have basal clumps of smooth, elliptic to broadly ovate, smooth edged, glossy, pale to mid green leaves. It bears bell to star shaped, 6 petalled flowers, are carried on upright stems in spikes or racemes or umbels, or occasionally singly,, they are followed by spherical, fleshy berries. Grow in a woodland garden.

Grow in leafy, fertile, humus rich, moist, neutral to acidic soil in partial or full shade. Mulch with leaf mold or compost in spring. Divide in spring.

Prone to rust, snails and slugs.

C. umbellulata – Specked Wood-lily – This eastern USA native grows 15″ tall and bears dense umbels of fragrant white flowers often speckled green or purplish in late spring and early summer followed by black berries.

Zones 4-9