Coelia – Bothriochilus – Orchid

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Coelia – Bothriochilus –       

There are about 5 species of evergreen, epiphytic, terrestrial, or lithophytic orchids, in this gens. They occur from Mexico to Panama, where the they are found at altitudes up to 3,900′ feet high. They have short rhizomes and clusters of ovoid or ellipsoid, olive green pseudobulbs,, each produces up to 5 narrowly to broadly lance shaped, folded, pale to mid green leaves at the tips. The inflorescences is a short, basal racemes bearing 6 or more tubular-bell shaped, fleshy, fragrant, cream, ivory-white, or buff flowers, with pink or violet marks.

Intermediate growing orchids (see chart below). Pot tightly in containers of epiphytic orchid potting mix. In summer, provide high humidity and bright filtered light, with generous ventilation: water moderately, applying fertilizer at every third watering. In winter, admit full light, and water more sparingly.

Prone to spider mites, aphids, and mealybugs.