Crataemespilus grandiflora

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x Crataemespilus –

This is a grafted hybrid, in a more normal sexual hybrid between Hawthorn and Medlar.

It likes a sunny but sheltered position and a cool climate.

x Crataemespilus grandiflora – This cross between Crataegus laevigata and Mespilus germanica was found growing in France before the 1800’s. Intermediate in character between these parent species, it is a small deciduous tree with downy leaves, sometimes few lobed but only on the vigorous shoots. Flowers are in pairs or three’s, about 1″ across, opening in late spring and early summer. The fruit is glossy brownish orange, about 3/4″ in diameter, the mealy flesh more like Hawthorn than Medlar in flower. The seeds appear to be sterile. Fall tones are orange and yellow.

Zones 4-9